Doreen was quick to notice the uplifting effect that the workshops were having on patients. She saw evidence of enhanced well being and improved self confidence. Patient feedback highlighted improved self-esteem, the feeling of being valued, the positive impact of being listened to at a time of great personal distress. In addition, patients have referred to the story sharing and recording process as one which has helped them to resume control over their lives and rebuild their self-confidence. This process creates attitudes towards the self which are favourable and develop positive feelings of self worth.

Feedback from carers and the patient's team of medical practitioners suggested that the “lift” experienced in the course of the workshop was carried beyond the walls of the hospice into the home environment where patients began to talk more within their support networks about their lives and life experiences. One particular patient, an artist who had not painted for a long time was enthused to pick up her brush and started to paint again.
It was our space, to allow us to say what was important to us – not what was important to somebody else