SS4WB offers storytelling training for individuals /groups looking to facilitate life story sharing workshops.

The training provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to run successful, supportive life story workshops with small groups.

Trainee facilitators are encouraged to implement the training received with reference to their individual style and skill set. The models shared will include how to work with themes, props and music. We  consider the power of memory to inspire and teach whilst also being aware that memories may be inaccurate and, at times painful.

Facilitators will explore a variety of options for recording or saving the stories shared including publication and digital archives.

For more information about training workshops including cost and availability, please contact Miranda 07729 064483 or

I greatly enjoyed Miranda's talk and felt she had a sympathetic and realistic grasp of helping people to write their memoirs. She understood the different reasons people had for wishing to write and encouraged and informed sensitively. She clearly has great expertise. I now feel more confident in tackling this task thanks to Miranda.

What did I love about the workshop? The enthusiasm of the course leaders and the passion they had for the subject. The opportunity to ask questions throughout the day. The opportunity to 'try out' a session ourselves. The honesty of Miranda to let us know what worked and what didn't work when setting up a course. The fact that Miranda was not 'precious' about her resources and gave us copies of consent, disclaimers, course contents etc.

Harrogate Workshops

11th June 2015

On 11th and 12th June, Sharing Stories for Well Being attended a conference at St. Michael's Hospice, Harrogate. We held a number of workshops for the participants, and below is some of their feedback:
“I fully enjoyed the day, very interactive and participative- great sharing of ideas with enthusiasm” – Social Worker, Newcastle
“Miranda’s dynamism and passion were infectious– I loved the sweet/colour story session” – Social Work Student
“ Clear presentation , I enjoyed the interactive session, it made it feel real” – Palliative Care Social Worker